Ok so I got this coupon pack in the mail from Target. I didnt look much, tore them apart, sorted them in the correct place in my binder.. When I got to the store I was looking at them and the entire stack was for a certain amount off ANY brand of something. Example: .75 cents off ANY brand of soap or bodywash. Well, I found some soap on clearance for $3 (was $7.49) And I had a Manufacturer Coupon for $1 off any multi pack then also the .75 cent target coupon stacked made it $1.25 for a multi pack of body soap! Great deals if you got this package. There were other items, off any hair product, any baggies.. probably 40 coupons!! Be on the lookout. Not sure how I got on the mailing list but you could probably search around on and sign up somewhere on there for coupons.



Havent posted for a while. This is a really good week so thought I’d do a quick run down in case I saw something you hadnt thought of yet. 🙂

Anyways, heres the run down..

  • Dont forget, the B1G1 deals you can use coupons for both items. Even the free one.
  • Can be stacked with Publix Coupons

Pepsi 12 packs B1G1- no coupons.. $2.44 each These last a long time, we dont get them very often.

English Muffins $1.50

Skippy Natural PB $2.48 – .40 cent Q doubled = $1.68  (we needed it anyways)

Mustard .95 cents each – .35 cent Q doubled = .35 cents each

Yoplait Kids Yogurt $1.40 each – .$1 off 2 Q = $1.80 for 2

Chap Stick$1.49 each – (3) $1 off 1 Publix coupon + $1 off 3 manuf Q = .47 cents for 3

Suave New kind Shea Butter Shampoo & Conditioner $2.19 each – .50 cents off 2 doubled & $1 off 2 publix Q = $2.38 for 2

Variety of Chili Packets including white chicken chili were .49 cents each on sale x 8 packets= $3.92 – .25 cents off 2 doubled. total were .24 cents each packet.

4 Better Cheddar/wheat thins/artisan wheat thins boxes $1.24 each – (4) $1 off Q’s from paper = .96 cents for 4 boxes or .24 cents a box

Wisk detergent $9.99 b1g1 free. I had 2 $1 off Q’s so I got 2 things of detergent for $7.99 or $3.99 each

Total spent : $37.04

Total saved $46.99

($16.70 in manuf. Q’s.)

Yankee Candle Coupons

Click HERE for a great Coupon!

Free Starbucks Ice Cream

Sign in to your Facebook account and click through this link to get a free printable coupon for a free pint of Starbucks ice cream. Offer valid for the first 833 people each hour. Note, up to 833 free pints will be sent each hour to the first 833 people to request the coupon. If you are not one of the first 833 people, the recipient will be sent a $1 off coupon instead.StarbucksIceCream_NoPintsAvail

Free burger On your Birthday.


Join Red Robin’s newsletter and receive a free gift for signing up and a free burger on your birthday.

B1G1 Orange Julius!


Sign up to join the OJ Quench Club and you’ll get a email coupon for a free 20oz Orange Julius fruit smoothie with the purchases of one 20oz fruit smoothie. Click here to find a location near you.

Free Chocolate!


Just sign up to the Club Fondue and you’ll receive a coupon for a free Chocolate Fondue dessert for two! The coupon has to be used with the purchase of a dinner for two. I love The Melting Pot and the chocolate dessert is so delicious! Click here to find a location near you.

Snapfish Deal.


Rite Aid

05.30.09 006

I had to get bleach so I ran into Rite Aid, that store is peaceful! And has a lot of clearance! Here is what I picked up:

Starbucks Vanilla Bean Truffles: $4.99 on clearnace for $.82 I had a $1 off coupon these were free!(im going back!)

Soda Pops Popsicles just because its hot out and they go good with swimming.. $2.50

BIC Mechanical Pencils, package for Brad he needed them for school. Reg $3.99 on sale for $.99!

Reach Flosser Refills (which I hate to buy because they are so expensive!!) $4.99 on sale for $1.24

Stride 3 pk of gum $2.99 on sale for $1.49

2 bags of Pringles Selects reg $2.69 on sale for $1.34 and i Had 2/$.55 off coupons! =.79 cents each!

Oral B toothbrush $2.62 on sale for .87 cents.

Edge shaving cream #3.29 on clearance for .88 cents I had a .75 cent off coupon, this was .13 cents!

Bleach $2.99

Phisoderm Combo Kit Foaming Facewash/Moisturizer with SPF15 and a hairband. On clearance for $11.99 and extra 75% off that=$2.99

total 13.92 + tax=$15.36 woot!!

Glossy Paper Cheap..

Click here to see the deal.

– $2.50 coupon MLC1750892 = $0.50 with free shipping.

thanks, slick deals!